Hugh Piggott Wind Turbine Components


We have been building Hugh Piggott turbines for over 8 years and are able to provide full turbine systems or separate components. A selection of items we have in stock and our prices for commissions are here on our shop page

Full kits comprise a set of three hand­carved blades, an alternator made up of a stator and rotor(s), and a mounting. The turbines can be installed as a grid­tie or to charge a battery bank and can come as 12V, 24V, 48V or higher voltages for use with grid tie inverters. Each component of the kit is also available separately.

Please note – tower and electrical system are not included, although we are able to design and/or supply these on a case by case basis; please contact us to discuss


Blade & drawknifeBlades

Our blades are hand carved from sustainably sourced, straight grained softwood. We drill and balance them for you and can provide them varnished, painted or untreated.
Note: Some balancing may still be required once mounted on the frame and alternator.



Stator and Magnet Discsstator
The alternators are comprised of neodymium magnets mounted onto laser-cut steel magnet discs and a stator comprising of hand-wound copper coils. All parts are cast in vinylester resin then finished with epoxy paint. The stator can be 12V, 24V, 48V or higher voltages for use with grid tie inverters.



environmental project 004Mounting
Comprised of a bearing to mount the blades and magnet discs, steel frame to attach the stator and bearing to a tower, and a tail boom mechanism.