Build a Wind Turbine for Uni Student Groups


We have run workshops building DIY wind turbines to the Hugh Piggott design with student groups since 2010. Some of these have been with Engineering departments but the majority have been with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) groups. We have run over 15 workshops all over the country including at universities in Nottingham, Exeter, South WalesSalford and many more!

A professional and thoroughly interesting hands-on practical workshop. The team were flexible enough to tailor the course to the skills and abilities of the course participants. The course has been an inspiration and we have invited them to run another course next year. 
Dr Justin Hinshelwood, Lecturer, MEng Energy Engineering, University of Exeter

In the summer of 2017 we developed a new course with the aim of making it cheaper, more accessible and more environmentally responsible. On the course we prioritise the practical and theoretical learning outcomes and use the process of building this small wind turbine to teach about how turbines work and their use in a global context.

I’ve only heard good feedback from the participants – thanks so much for everything you’ve done for us 🙂  Emily Vincent, Sheffield EWB President 2017-18

I would highly recommend V3 Power! Adam Perrin, EWB Warwick President, 2013-14

Their expertise and familiarity with the design and process of manufacture enabled us to achieve the project painlessly. I would highly recommend that all young engineers experience this activity. David Trujillo, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, Coventry University

Get hands-on with our unique build a wind turbine course! We bring all the tools, materials and expertise; you come away with practical skills, an understanding of how and why wind turbines work, and a huge sense of achievement.

What Happens?
Together we build a machine to turn the power of the wind into electricity using simple materials and a range of hand tools. All participants carve a wooden blade, turn their own copper coil, and manipulate powerful magnets. As a team we assemble all the components to finish the turbine. Finally we test it outside or using a fan and participants can see their work turned into fully charged batteries!

Why do it?
The turbine design is a great way of demonstrating the basic underlying scientific principles behind energy generation and the associated simple electrical theory behind wind turbines. We also explore the role of small wind turbines in a global context, especially withing developing countries. The practical tasks are achievable regardless of skill and experience allowing participants to feel unintimidated and capable. The range of tasks means everyone stays interested and engaged!

Where can we do it?
Our space requirements are simple – we just need somewhere with sturdy tables that people can work on all sides of (ideally not benches against a wall). This can be on campus or elsewhere. We can provide relevant insurance, risk assessments and method statements

How long does it take & what does it cost?
There is a reasonable degree of flexibility here but some guide prices are below. These prices include all materials and travel costs although if the venue is more than 150 miles from Nottingham we may need to charge a bit more.

<10 participants 11-12 participants
Introduction (half day) £445 £695
Standard course (full day) £595 £945
Extended course (two day) £895 £1545


Click here to read a write up of a course we did with Sheffield EWB in late 2017

Some feedback from the participants on that course:

Explanation of how three-phase worked was really clear

I found the theory easy to understand despite my limited previous knowledge

I liked the mix of theory and practical

Good sized group for practical session tasks

It was good to build the stator and rotor by hand, it helped me understand how it works!

I really enjoyed it!

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