Dec 092016

The V3 team had a great birthday party reminiscing about old times whilst cooking veggie sausages and drinking local ale around a campfire at Dixon’s housing co-op. People arrived from Canada, Scotland, the West Country, Sheffield and Nottingham to celebrate our 10th year.

A few of the team continued on to France later in September to meet up with Tripalium, our French counterparts and spent a few days geeking out about wind turbines, flying kites on the beach and making charge controllers.

Top left to bottom right: Robin Duval, Tom Hooley, Aran Eales, Andy Burrell, Jack Howe, Matt Whitney, Hertha Taverner-wood, Nico Shattock, Tom Dixon

Of course Dixon took up the challenge of a wind turbine inspired Birthday cake and came up with this amazing stator sweetie and bourbon magnet rotors cast in cake!

Jack, Andy, Dixon and Matt on the beach in France after making charge controllers with Tripalium with their D.I.Y. tent!