Feb 102015


team photo turbine






Last week we built a tidy 1.8m turbine with the Engineers Union and Engineers Without Borders student groups at the University of Salford. The course took place in an aeronautical engineering lab which was a bit like working in a museum. It was a bit tricky at times due to a lack of space and the distracting noise of various wind tunnel experiments going on but we all managed to get everything done and finished early(ish) on the third day! The students were a nice bunch and enjoyed the course and we will hopefully be going back next year to run a course to install it.

The student newspaper at Salford wrote a story about the course here: http://www.thesalfordian.co.uk/2015/02/salford-universitys-engineers-union-wind-turbine-workshop/


blades blade assembly welding2 blade assemble2 assembly electrical break assembly3 assembly2  aerofoil carving carving2 casting stator enamal stripping glueing magnets welding

mouting stator hacksawing   oiling bladessexy turbines