Jan 152015

exeter2015 team photo

Last week we ran a great course for Renewable Energy MSc students at the Falmouth campus of Exeter University. We added a gin pole and winch and did a service on the turbine we built there last year, as well as making a whole new machine. There was a film crew in attendance on the last day making a promotional video for the university’s Renewable Energy course which added some interest. It was very windy when we lifted the turbine which was a little nerve racking but it went up without a hitch! The students were a good bunch and enjoyed it, and our host Justin and his family who we stayed with in their off grid (powered by the sun and the wind) house were lovely so it was a fun week!

A video of the exciting moment we turned the brake off is here.

Some nice feedback from the students:
‘I learnt a lot about turbine construction and it has been really rewarding’
‘I feel empowered! I learned a good range of skills, it was genuinely really interesting and great fun’
‘A great practical experience’

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