Sep 182017

We have been building and running courses on the awesome Hugh Piggott design for many many years. The design is great as a functioning wind turbine (robust, modular, easy to maintain), but we have also found it a very good tool to help teach about science. However we have found that for some groups or classes who are more interested in this science education aspect it seems unnecessary to invest the time, money and embodied energy in building a Piggott turbine if it does not have a suitable install site. So, inspired by the Piggott design we have come up with our own to use as a vehicle through which to teach about science and engineering whist at the same time making the course more accessible and affordable.

We will be piloting this new course at the Demand Energy Equality space in London on 8th October.

What Happens?
Together we will build a machine to turn the power of the wind into electricity using simple materials and a range of hand tools. All participants carve a wooden blade, turn their own copper coil, and manipulate powerful magnets. As a team we assemble all the components to finish and test the turbine.

Please note – this new design is not suitable for installation, it is an educational tool! We do talk about building and installing ‘proper’ wind turbines in the course though.

The course runs from 11am – 4pm

Tickets can be bought from here: