STEM workshops


Take science and technology out of the abstract and into the real word with our unique & exciting hands-on educational activity! We bring all the necessary tools and materials and lead the workshop so it is easy to organise and host. The workshop can be curriculum-linked so useful for any students studying science or other STEM subjects from age 14 up to University students

  • We deliver fun, hands-on STEM experiences that use our unique modular WindyGen turbine to explore the science behind energy generation
  • We run standalone or sequential sessions at your school which are suitable for age 14  students and above
  • The workshops include tests and experiments on the WindyGen that bring to life Energy, Electricity, Magnetism, and Aerodynamics
  • The workshops integrate with the KS4 science curriculum
  • The workshops inspire students in the exciting and important field of renewable energy
  • Great opportunities for cross-curricular learning with other STEM subjects
  • Perfect as an enrichment or after school project

Experiments include changing variables and seeing how they affect the output. Variables that can be modified include:

  • Pitch of blades
  • Number of turns in coils
  • Strength of magnets
  • Load resistance

Prices are below. We charge extra if an overnight is needed. We can offer discounts on multiple bookings.

Please contact us for more information or to make a booking

Small group Large group
Project Windygen
The Full Windygen Build and Learn Experience
(~ 6 hours)
£595 £895
Get Generating
Put together the Windygen alternator and run tests and experiments
(~ 4 hours)
£495 £745
Testing Testing
Run insightful tests and experiments using the Windygen
(~ 2 hours)
£395 £595


Feedback from our University project for Engineering students:

A professional and thoroughly interesting hands-on practical workshop. The team were flexible enough to tailor the course to the skills and abilities of the course participants. The course has been an inspiration and we have invited them to run another course next year.
Dr Justin Hinshelwood, Lecturer, MEng Energy Engineering, University of Exeter, UK

Their expertise and familiarity with the design and process of manufacture enabled us to achieve the project painlessly. I would highly recommend that all young engineers experience this activity. 
David Trujillo, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, Coventry University, UK

Feedback from our KS3 project for NESTA:

The best thing was seeing my wind turbine work because I felt proud

I learnt how wind energy works

I felt this was a really engaging experience. Topical and thought provoking
Teacher feedback

Uni. SW

Key Stage 4 Science National Curriculum Relevance


  • energy changes in a system doing work using an electric current
  • power as the rate of transfer of energy
  • conservation of energy in a closed system
  • calculating energy efficiency for any energy transfers
  • renewable and non-renewable energy sources used on Earth, changes in how these are used.


  • exploring current, resistance and voltage relationships for different circuit elements ; including their graphical representations
  • power transfer related to p.d. and current, or current and resistance.

Magnetism and electromagnetism

  • exploring the magnetic fields of permanent and induced magnets
  • magnetic effects of currents, how solenoids enhance the effect

Vocabulary, units, symbols and nomenclature