Renewable Off Grid Power


Many events use generators for even the smallest power needs. Not only do these burn fossil fuels but they are noisy and unsightly.
Our power trailer is totally silent and can run off its own pre solar-charged batteries as well as with a combination of wind, solar or bicycle power depending on how much energy is needed and what event organisers want to have on display.
The trailer uses a pure sine wave UPS inverter which gives a more stable voltage than standard generators can – protecting your equipment. The trailer’s maximum output is 1.95kVA.

Trailer Technical Specifications

Battery Voltage 24V DC
Battery Capacity: 6kWh
1.6kVA Pure Sine Wave Inverter
350VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Solar Input: 720W
Wind Turbine Input: 2 x 700W, 1 x 200W
Pedal Generator Input: 200W (2 x 100W)


The trailer has a battery capacity of 6kWh. This means that with no input it can power a 1.5kW load for 4 hours, or a 600W load for 10 hours, or 60W load for 100 hours etc. With wind, solar or bicycle inputs these times greatly increase (assuming there’s some wind, sun or pedallers!)

We also have smaller battery systems available suitable for such applications as running stand alone lights or charging phones.

Example Power Requirements

Bouncy Castle: 1.6kW
Large PA system: 400W
Small PA system 50W
Laptop: 100W
Mobile Phone Charger: 1W

We often run live arts events in unusual public realm spaces so we need to work with partners who can provide reliable infrastructure and activities in different environments. V3 provided not only this but also a positive and solution focused attitude. Working with the V3 team was hassle free, great value and enjoyable – I’d book them again in a trice! – Rosie Freeman, Director, The Brick Box

V3 Power wind turbines at Glastonbury

V3 wind turbines at Glastonbury