Human Powered Generators

Pedal Generators

We’ve been building and using pedal generators since 2006. During this time we’ve developed various designs and a range of electrical systems to suit different applications, recently we’ve built a couple of exciting pedal powered scalextric systems. We’ve also designed and built other mechanical pedal-powered devices such as blenders and tool sharpeners. We offer generators for hire and/or can build child or adult sized generators for you to buy in our shop. Please contact us if you have any questions or want to talk about a custom project.

Other Generators & Projects

We have also built various other generators including hand-crank powered energy games, small waterwheels and light sensitive dance mats. Our resident inventor Tom is always ready to consider commissions no matter how wierd or wonderful so get in touch to discuss your idea.

Touch sensitive LED dancefloor

'Eco Rig' hand crank powered game

Pedal Powered ScalextricBicycle Generator