Sep 182017

We have had lots of bike generator events since our last post, we won’t go into detail with them, just to say that they all went well despite some occasional heavy rain!

Pedal Powered Scalextric for Big Bike Revival over two weekends Preston and Chorley
Two bmx bikes powering a ‘boiler activity’ at the Cheltenham Science Festival
The Energy Bike & light display activity for DHL‘s head office environmental awareness event
The Energy Bike for the Big Bang Fair at the South of England Showground

Pedal Powered Scalextric for the Tisbury Green Fair

Pedal Powered Scalextric & Music System for Love Partington
Pedal Powered Music & Bubbles for St Annes Allotments open day

The Energy Bike for Thrive Renewables open day
Pedal Powered Scalextric & Bubbles for the Tour of Britain in Cheltenham











May 122017

Manchester Museum of Science and Industry

For the Easter weekend activities we provided the ‘Dynamo Disco’ with our pedal powered soundsystem and got lots of kids dancing. We also provided pedal powered slot cars as well as our energy display. Three setups all at once!








Tour De Yorkshire

This was a two bike energy challenge to show the different amounts of energy involved in cooking and food.



Veris Strategies

We provided our energy display for a ‘sustainability program for business’. We had the display set to 3kJ of energy and the fastest peddler made this in 12 seconds! That’s an average power of 250W!

Mar 072017

In February we installed a 2.4m turbine built by Nottingham Engineers without Borders on an existing tower and grid tied electrical system at High Leas Farm in Derbyshire to replace the 3.6m turbine which has been reconditioned and installed at the Ecological Land Co-op in Devon.

The students learnt how to assemble the turbine and get it ready for installation, how to tension guy ropes and use a winch and about grid tied electrical systems!

Mar 072017

This year we returned to teach our fourth course with final year Renewable Energy Engineering students at the University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus.

Having supplied the department with all the tools and materials necessary to run a course last March our brief was to train teachers to run the course themselves in the future whilst teaching students, as before, how to build and install a 1.8m turbine over 5 days.

The welding in particular proved more challenging than anticipated and we may be asked to return in future years to continue the skills transfer, the upside being we can now commute on the train and once the renewable energy building is finished the students (and teachers) will be able to carve blades, wind coils and cast stators at their leisure.. watch out Cornwall!

Mar 072017

Back in 2015 Mark and Marta approached us at Glastonbury to say they’d been gifted a Hugh Piggott turbine which they’d love to install at their home in Somerset, and so began a beautiful friendship..

We visited Rockaway Park on the way back from teaching in Cornwall in January 2016 and where amazed! Not only by the cavern of fantastical salvagtion hidden in an old quarry including Mark and Marta’s home which they had formed almost entirely from scrap but also from Marta’s fantastic vegan cookery!

It turned out the turbine wasn’t a Piggott but was perhaps a student project inspired by Hugh but with it’s own eccentricities.

We resolved to return and run a course there, where we would incorporate installing the turbine.. it didn’t exactly work out like this but the participants loved the venue and in December we finished installing a battery charging system with their blades on one of our truly Piggott alternators.

Dec 092016

In November we taught a course at Derbyshire Eco Centre. Although the group was quite small they made keen work of making a new stator for one of our 3m turbines which is currently between homes and in need of some tlc. They also had a go at carving some smaller blades. A fun weekend was had by all and it was lovely to be so local!

Dec 092016

The V3 team had a great birthday party reminiscing about old times whilst cooking veggie sausages and drinking local ale around a campfire at Dixon’s housing co-op. People arrived from Canada, Scotland, the West Country, Sheffield and Nottingham to celebrate our 10th year.

A few of the team continued on to France later in September to meet up with Tripalium, our French counterparts and spent a few days geeking out about wind turbines, flying kites on the beach and making charge controllers.

Top left to bottom right: Robin Duval, Tom Hooley, Aran Eales, Andy Burrell, Jack Howe, Matt Whitney, Hertha Taverner-wood, Nico Shattock, Tom Dixon

Of course Dixon took up the challenge of a wind turbine inspired Birthday cake and came up with this amazing stator sweetie and bourbon magnet rotors cast in cake!

Jack, Andy, Dixon and Matt on the beach in France after making charge controllers with Tripalium with their D.I.Y. tent!