Sep 182017

We have had lots of bike generator events since our last post, we won’t go into detail with them, just to say that they all went well despite some occasional heavy rain!

Pedal Powered Scalextric for Big Bike Revival over two weekends Preston and Chorley
Two bmx bikes powering a ‘boiler activity’ at the Cheltenham Science Festival
The Energy Bike & light display activity for DHL‘s head office environmental awareness event
The Energy Bike for the Big Bang Fair at the South of England Showground

Pedal Powered Scalextric for the Tisbury Green Fair

Pedal Powered Scalextric & Music System for Love Partington
Pedal Powered Music & Bubbles for St Annes Allotments open day

The Energy Bike for Thrive Renewables open day
Pedal Powered Scalextric & Bubbles for the Tour of Britain in Cheltenham