Blowin’ in the Wind – The Experience!


Build and install a wind turbine from scratch!

Get hands-on with our unique wind turbine making experience! We bring all the tools, materials and expertise; you come away with practical skills, an understanding of how and why wind turbines work, and a huge sense of achievement.  

Drawing on 10 years’ experience teaching people how to build small wind turbines, we’ve developed a new accessible, inclusive experience for anyone and everyone! The wind turbine design has many component parts which each participant has a hand in building before they are all assembled together. This engages every individual and brings the group together to share in the fantastic sense of satisfaction of turning a pile of raw materials into an electricity-generating machine!

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What Happens?
Together we build a machine to turn the power of the wind into electricity using simple materials and a range of hand tools. All participants carve a wooden blade, shape a piece of metal, turn their own copper coil, and manipulate powerful magnets. As a team we assemble all the components to finish the turbine. Finally we test it and participants can see their work turned into fully charged batteries!

Why do it?
The design is a great way of demonstrating the basic underlying scientific principles behind energy generation and the associated simple electrical theory. The practical tasks are achievable regardless of skill and experience allowing participants to feel unintimidated and capable. The range of tasks means everyone stays interested and engaged!

Who’s it for?
We include individual, paired and group activities, so it’s ideal for a bunch of friends, a team-building exercise, or any other group looking to get their hands dirty! One of our expert facilitators works with a group of up to ten participants to build one turbine – with a maximum of three facilitators (up to 30 participants) working simultaneously in one location.

How long does it take?
The full workshop is held over a series of eight sessions, which can take place over a single day or a combination of quarter-day periods. We are flexible and can adjust the timings to suit the needs of your group, if you are looking for a shorter experience some of the sessions can be adapted to work with your timetable.

How much does it cost?

Two Day One Day Half Day Quarter Day Travel from & to Nottingham (our base)
<10 participants £800 £500 £300 £250 70p per mile
11-20 participants £1400 £800 £550 £400 95p per mile

—– We will provide a custom quote for more than 20 participants —–

Please contact us for more information or to make a booking.


Thank you for an excellent course, the whole thing was impressively well organised and I had both a powerful learning experience and a really enjoyable time. I will be recommending the course to friends . Kate Jones, Bristol course 2015

Thanks for a fantastic week. The teachers were amazing, it was great being able to try out so many different things, and the turbine looks magnificent . C. Chlebna, Oxford course 2014