Jun 012013

V3 returned to Germany this year to run two courses at Kassel University. Both courses happened over a period of three days which involved the students building a 1.2m 12V machine.

The first course was for students on the EUREC masters program that were doing the hybrid systems module at Kassel University. This was followed by a course for the RE2 masters students. Both courses were very successful with two great machines being built. The first machine will be used by students in Kassel to carry out testing as part of a bigger renewables project. The second machine has been adopted by one of the students, Guluma Megersa, who will use it for a project in Ethiopia as part the NGO Sahay Solar, that he is involved in. V3 hopes to to continue working with Sahay Solar and is looking into the possibility of running courses in Ethiopia to train up some local small wind manufacturers.


The EUREC students with ‘Ace’


The RE2 students with ‘Hulk’









Sunset over Sandbourg Wagenplatz with a 1.2m (left) and 1.8m (right)

A particular highlight of the trip was staying back on the Sandbourg ‘Wagenplatz’ where we had run a course the previous year. They now have two of the turbines that we built last year up and running and providing them with much needed power.